Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date posted. This Privacy Policy is subject to change and the use of information that we gather now is subject to this Privacy Policy in effect at the time of use. You should check this web site frequently to see recent changes. Notice of any changes to this Privacy Policy shall be given by posting the version of the Privacy Policy containing such changes on this web site.

We Are The Hits, LLC (“WATH”) respects and protects the privacy of the individuals and organizations that use its services. Personally identifiable information collected by WATH about you is not willfully shared with other organizations without your express permission. Unless you voluntarily provide information to us, we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you from your interaction with the site. When you do voluntarily provide us personally identifiable information (such as through uploading a cover song or purchasing products or services), that information is used solely for the purpose of providing the services you request in the way we deem most appropriate, and simplifying our and other Music Organizations’ interaction with you. That information is not sold to or shared with any third party except for the purpose of providing the product or service. The names of cover artists and their image or likeness may be displayed to WATH viewers and music publishers as well as in WATH marketing and advertising. We may send you additional marketing and advertising material from WATH relating to changes to our site, products or services, new programs we have started, and other articles and information we believe may be of benefit to you. Each email we send from through our site includes unsubscribe instructions if you do not wish to receive any future emails from us. You can set your email preferences as part of your user account. We may also collect and track general information relating to how many visitors we have had on this site, which pages those visitors viewed, the average time a visitor spends on each page, how the visitors interact with the site, and from what geographic region those visitors originated. We may also use cookies from this site.

The Information We Obtain From Your Use of this Site and How We Use It

Generic Information - To gauge the effectiveness of this Web Site, we collect certain non-individually-identifiable generic information about visitors of this Web Site. Our web servers automatically recognize a visitor's Internet service provider, the IP address, the domain name, the type of browser, and the operating system, as well as which pages are viewed on this web site, the web page from which a visitor entered this web site, how much time a visitor spends on each page, and other information related to the operation and interaction of this Web Site. This information does not reveal a visitor's identity (for more information, see “Cookies” below). We aggregate this information and use these statistics to evaluate and improve this Web Site, to monitor its performance, and to make this Web Site easier for you and other visitors to use.

To be clear – We Are The Hits uses the YouTube API Services, whose privacy policy can be found here ( As an explanation of how we use and store data – user’s access token, and refresh token are stored in a sql database, and used only to upload videos to their channel on their behalf. Only videos that users have uploaded and authorized are uploaded to the users channel. WATH pulls a list of users channels to display them so users can select the correct channel for WATH to upload their videos to. We do not share any data with any third party sites. WATH does not allow third parties to serve content or advertising. WATH only stores cookies to maintain your log-in session. We do not collect or store any information from a user’s device. We only collect information that the user gives us through the sign-up process.

Users can revoke WATH’s access to their data through the Google security settings page – which can be found here: If a user has any questions or concerns – please email