An original cover video is when you perform a song you didn't write without the use of a master recording as a backing track.

If you play a recording you didn't make (or hired someone to make for you) and sing over it, you probably shouldn't upload it to our system. If you're unsure, you can always email us at to confirm the music you're using won't cause a copyright strike.

We get a monthly report from YouTube that gives the exact figures, which we use to update our system. We can't do this in real time. If you are a member of one of our MCN (multi-channel network) partners, you'll get reports and payment from them. We appreciate your patience!

If you already have a video on your channel, DO NOT upload it again via WATH. Doing so creates a duplicate, and your original video blocks the duplicate. When you join WATH and want older videos claimed, simply search our library to see if a song is cleared for monetization. Make a list of links to the videos and send those links to and our team will claim them. If you are a member of a MCN (multi-channel network), please indicate this in the subject line.

We want to make sure your videos are immediately monetized. The best way to achieve that is when you arrive at step 3 of the upload process that asks you to authorize us to upload the video automatically to your channel.

Many issues arise when you choose not to do this -- copyright claims, strikes, and the like. If you do authorize us, you will get a pop-up message from YouTube stating, "Authorization will be used exclusively for this purpose (uploading). WATH will never have access to your Google login credentials." We cannot manage your channel or access it in any way. Don't fear the automatization of uploading! Also, you can schedule exactly when you want your video to get published.

It's very easy to upload them in our system. If it's a new video that isn't already on your channel, check out these instructions on how to upload the video. You can repeat this process until all songs in your video are added.

If the video is already on your channel, search our library and confirm that ALL of the songs in your video are cleared for monetization. If they are not, we can't claim and monetize it for you. If they are, send the link to and we'll claim them.

The strike is likely occurring because either you and your backing track sound exactly like the original master recording, or you are using backing music that is not cleared for you to use as a sound recording. If you use any part of the original version, a karaoke instrumental, or a backing track bought online, we cannot guarantee you will be able to legally monetize it and avoid strikes.

However, if there is a sound recording claim being made and you didn't use a backing track, you should email and we will assist you.

We generally see this happen for two reasons.

1) You put a bunch of tags on the video that don't relate to your video at all. YouTube wants to make sure you're not abusing tagging to get more views. Only use tags that directly relate to your video.

2) Sometimes non-fans swarm the video with flags just because. It's a pain and unfortunately we can't help here.

Here's a useful forum on the matter.

If you uploaded it to our system properly, we are tracking and monetizing it. The reason you don't see anything is because all that data is not in real time. We base those figures from the monthly YouTube report.

If you sent us links to claim instead of uploading to our site, you won't see the videos listed in your account for the same reason, however the process takes longer since we have to manually match the video to your account and the composition.

We love our international artists and want to make sure when we wire you your money it goes to the proper place. Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) goes in the "Wire/Routing" field.

Typical processing time depends on the size of the video and number of items in the queue. A good estimate is about 15 - 30 minutes. If you experience a longer time, go ahead and upload the video directly to your channel(s), then send an email to with the link(s) so we can confirm it is monetized.

Please send requests to and we'll check to see if the song is in one of the many catalogs we represent. If it is, we'll add it to our library immediately and let you know you can upload. If it isn't, we'll do our best to bring the music publisher into our library, however we can't guarantee if or when that will happen.

Actually, the video is being monetized by WATH and not your channel, which is why you don't see a green $. If you are still concerned, please email and include a link to the video in question.